Our Story

LogiKal Events is primarily a dynamic Events Management entity focused on providing management services to local and international clients using its experience and vast network of specialist service providers. We believe that Logikal
Events is suitably positioned to confidently plan and execute complex packages and offer it to the local and international clients. We also believe that all possible challenges facing each event can be handled with ease, given the experience behind them.

Our associate network has been hand-picked based on their ability to firstly provide excellent service and very importantly, their ability to demonstrate commitment to empowerment of the disadvantaged

Our Vision

To provide our clients with a genuine value for money events experience, while creating mutually rewarding partnerships and wherever possible place emphasis on contracting companies, individuals and communities that were previously disadvantaged

Our Mission

We understand that the VALUE concept is more than just a relationship between cost and service provision and that it incorporates wider issues in a consumer environment. Service excellence, creative thinking and innovation in this instance hold the key to the overall success of our business.

Meet Neero Parbanath

Hello, my name is Neero Parbanath. I am the Director of Logikal Event Management.

My true events learning began at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre(ICC Durban). I started as an Event Co-Ordinator and worked my way up to Senior Events Executive. By that time I had organized many National and International Conferences, from medical to scientific to government events. I was very fortunate because I attained such a wealth of knowledge and skills.

In 2008, I decided it was time to venture out on my own and embarked on my journey to become a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO). Logikal Event Management was established. It was scary and daunting at the outset, but also a very exciting time in my life. Many years and many events later, I am happy to say that I haven’t regretted taking the plunge. There were many dark and desperate times along this journey but I have also enjoyed many rewarding and life changing experiences. The one thing that has remained a constant is my  passionate approach to each event and client. I am extremely hands on. I will avail myself at all times to ensure that each and every detail is taken care of and that I carry the weight for you.

It gives me the most pleasure when I deliver on your expectations and have turned what YOU have envisioned into a reality. It’s a promise that I have delivered on consistently and endeavor to keep.  I cannot wait to meet with you and to deliver on an excellent event, especially for YOU.

How may I be of assistance and support to you?

Best Wishes


Our Values

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Confidentiality

  • Professionalism

  • Inclusivity

Our Goals

  • To ensure that you have peace of mind each step of the way

  • To make you look and feel great

  • To make your brand stand out

  • To deliver a high end product and service

  • To ensure that you receive value for money


LogiKal Event Management is a certified BBBEE Level 1 Contributor and Value Adding Supplier