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We are a Dynamic Events Management Entity & Professional Conference Organiser

We believe that Logikal Events is suitably positioned to confidently plan and execute complex packages and offer it to the local and international clients.

We also believe that all possible challenges facing each event can be handled with ease, given the experience behind them.

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Logikal Event Management

The Possibilities are Endless...

LogiKal Events is primarily a dynamic Events Management entity focused on providing management services to local and international clients using its experience and vast network of specialist service providers.

Vision Statement

To provide our clients with a genuine value for money events experience, while creating mutually rewarding partnerships and wherever possible place emphasis on contracting companies, individuals and communities that were previously disadvantaged

Mission Statement

We understand that the VALUE concept is more than just a relationship between cost and service provision and that it incorporates wider issues in a consumer environment. Service excellence, creative thinking and innovation in this instance hold the key to the overall success of our business.

What we offer


Sourcing of Venue + Venue logistics

Exhibition Stands – shell scheme and custom made

Accommodation + Travel arrangements



Destination Management

Air and land travel arrangements


Shuttle service

Travel enquiries desk at venue

Tours for delegates and accompanying persons.


Save the Date Announcements

RSVP Management

Online Registration Solutions – We will design your invites, even design and create your event website. We have some smart people who support us in the background with up to date technology. Our product will suit any type and/ or size of event


Decor and Design

Bespoke Design

Each event is thoughtfully created and items carefully curated to provide a sleek, classy and professionally finished product

We pay attention to detail


Prepare budgets

Manage budgets

Pay suppliers timeously on your behalf

Collect payments eg, registration fees

Provide a detailed statement of accounts at the close of event

Meet the owner

Neero Parbanath

Hello, my name is Neero Parbanath. I am the Director of Logikal Event Management.

My true events learning began at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC Durban). I started as an Event Co-Ordinator and worked my way up to Senior Events Executive. By that time I had organized many National and International Conferences, from medical to scientific to political events. I was very fortunate because I attained such a wealth of knowledge and skills.

  • Contact Number

    082 703 6896

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LogiKal Events are ready to take on the challenge of achieving its objectives using its experiences and knowledge of its core market

  • Strengthen our role as a major player in the Events Management industry.

  • Maximize its profitability as a business unit.

  • Create jobs through outsourcing the majority of its services

  • Set, maintain and constantly strive to improve standards as a corporate player in the Events Management Market.


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